Dr Imelda Hughes

Special interests: Neuromuscular

Dr Grace Vassallo

Special interests: Neurovascular & NF1/2

Dr Siobhan West

Special interests:  Neuroinflammation 

Dr Gary McCullagh

Special interests: Neuromuscular 

Dr Jeen Tan 

Special interests: Complex Epilepsy,
​Epilepsy Surgery

Dr Dipak Ram 
Special interests: Neurovascular & Neuroinflammation

Dr Deivasumathy Mut​hugovindan
Special interests: Complex Epilepsy 

The paediatric neurology department is a centre of excellence and a tertiary referral centre. Outreach clinics are held in all the 20 District General Hospitals that we serve. Inpatients are admitted to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. ​The department has close links with child psychiatry, psychology, neurosurgery, immunology, metabolic medicine, clinical genetics and paediatric intensive care. Specialist clinics are held in epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, neuroinflammatory disorders, neurofibromatosis, tuberous sclerosis and neurovascular disorders.



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specialist teams

​​Dr Uma Varma

Paediatric Neurology Grid Trainee

Dr Eusra Hassan

Paediatric Neurology Grid Trainee

Drs Lauren Edwards, Siobhan Quinn, Aikaterini Psychogiou & Prakash Nathani

General Paediatric Trainees (ST4-8)

Drs Saqib Hasan, Maria Orford & Helen Porte

General Paediatric Trainees (ST1-3)


Rebecca Keeping

Nurse Specialist, Acquired Brain Injury

Tania Bakhat

Nurse Specialist, Neuroinflammation

Patricia Manley

Nurse Specialist, Epilepsy


Andrea McLaren & Kay Hall

Nurse Specialists, Epilepsy Surgery

Emily Tolno

Network Co-ordinator, Epilepsy Surgery

Janet Johnson & Wendy Foo

Nurse Specialists, Neuromuscular

Victoria Whiteley, Lindsay Costello,
​Lucy Blackstone & Amy Skelton

Specialist Ketogenic Dietitians